Sudoku has always been a popular mind game and the best past time for anyone. It’s a fun game and really challenges your mental capacity. The mechanics of the game is easily understood and so it is not boring to play the game. However, the players need to know the basic rules and regulations of the game so that the players will be guided on how to play the game. Sudoku is perhaps the most challenging mind game ever created and it requires the players to have skills in critical thinking, problem analysis and a good logic in order to solve a Sudoku puzzle. Furthermore, it is also safe to say that the Sudoku puzzle also improves the mentioned skills of an individual as long as the player continuous to play the game as often as he can.

The Difficulty of the Sudoku Puzzle

There are actually three different difficulties in a Sudoku puzzle game and each present a varying number of blank squares. We have the easy mode which features 45 empty boxes, the medium puzzle which has fifty blank boxes and the hard which present 55 empty slots. It really depend on the player what difficulty setting is he more accustomed of playing but for sure each level of difficulty presents a challenge and sometimes it can be very frustrating for the players to spend so much time with Sudoku puzzle but still unable to solve it.

What is the Basic Strategy of the Game?

The Sudoku puzzle is not based on mathematics contrary to its popular belief. The game actually deals with logic more compared to other mind games and this is the very reason why a lot of players fail to solve any Sudoku puzzle for they do not understand what the game is all about. Furthermore, one of the best strategies of the game is just being patient; putting any numbers in the grid will not help the player in solving the puzzle. The game also involves a lot trial and error so the player is encouraged to do so.

The bottom line is, when playing a Sudoku game; the player must be able to take time in really thinking what the solution for the game is and perform the above mentioned strategies in order to be very effective in solving the Sudoku puzzle. Some may believed that only people who are mathematically skilled are the ones who will do great in this kind of game, but as previously mentioned, the game is not solely based on math but the focus is logic. Being able to anticipate the sequence of the Sudoku puzzle and predict where the numbers are properly located is very essential in winning a Sudoku puzzle.

Ultimately, when you think about it, the difficulty of the game is in how many blanks are empty or unnumbered. Having the ability to sequentially guess the numbers within the blank boxes is practically the solution for any Sudoku puzzle. Furthermore, the game is also able to developed critical thinking skills and patience in a player playing Sudoku and it’s natural for any mind game fan to set that as a goal for himself.