Following the Rules

Like most of the puzzle games, Sudoku is also governed by certain rules and regulation. Players are required to follow these set of rules so that cheating will be avoided. In Sudoku, logic rules and deduction apply and are helpful in completing the game. Being able to stick to these rules will ensure the win for the player. However, that’s not always the case. The difficulty of the game really depends on how many numbers are already had provided together with the puzzle, and logical skills apply when this occurs.

Anticipating the Sequence of the Numbers

Logic, the ability to anticipate or predict a pattern, as defined in the dictionary. This is the basis of the Sudoku puzzle game. Logic is the basis why the puzzle has a perfect nine by nine grid. This is to ensure that an equal number of characters are reflected within the grid in order for the logic principle to take effect. Furthermore, being well verse in other logic base games will be very helpful in playing Sudoku puzzle, so do not limit your practice with Sudoku alone, try some other games that are base on logic and learn something from them and apply it when you play Sudoku puzzle.